Competitions can focus on or provide challenges relevant to any aspect of brewing.  In general, competitions tend to be more focused on making a palatable historically-inspired product than they are on replicating a beverage authentically. Competitions provide brewers an avenue to take their knowledge about period process and practice (tested and developed by Panels, in a perfect world) and apply them to a broader audience. Panels focus on internal development of the brewer; Competitions focus on external application of the brewer.

Competitions endorsed by the EKBG are those judged according to EKBG standards, or other formats that the Guildmaster has expressly endorsed. Members may use any format as they deem appropriate, provided said format still adheres to these requirements. Divisions are as the same as those for Paneling.

Please consult the EKBG handbook for the requirements to hold a Competition.

EKBG Competition Rules and Scoresheet rev 1