Question:  What does EKBG stand for?
Answer: East Kingdom Brewers Guild

Question:  I want to become a member of the EKBG; how do I do that?
Answer: Contact the Guildmaster or the web minister to make that request.  You will be added as a member.  (You should be a resident of the East Kingdom to make this request.)

Question: I am a pretty awesome brewer.  I have lived in this kingdom forever.  I have been brewing since Thor was young.  How come my rank is only “Member” (“Novice,” Journeyman,” etc.)?
Answer: Your rank represents the records passed down at the time of the last change of guildmaster.  All new names are automatically placed on the roster as “members.”  The way our structure currently works, guild members must be paneled in order to improve their ranking in the guild.  The handbook maps out that path for you.  Be sure to read that document carefully to see how you can move from one rank to the next.

Question: Do I HAVE to panel to be a member of the EKBG?
Answer:  No.  You may stay on our ranks as a “Member” of the guild for as long as you wish.  Many guild participants do not want to participate in the panels or the ranking structure.  That is absolutely fine.  However, if you wish to move up through the ranking system, you must panel (with very few exceptions).

What if I no longer wish to be a member in the EKBG?
Answer: If you wish for your name to be removed from the roster, please notify the guildmaster.  Your request will be honored.

Question:  I noticed that the handbook has two different scoring guides.  I am confused.  What is that all about?
Answer:  There are two different guides for scoring.

  • One is for panels.  This scoring tool is used to help determine your rank within the guild.  It is heavily weighted toward period research, documentation, methods, and historical potables. 
  • The second is a scoring guide for competitions.  Documentation is weighted much less heavily with this tool and the emphasis is more on the workmanship of your potable.  This is used to determine a winner in a competition.  The competition scores DO NOT effect your rank within the guild.

I still don’t get it.  Why do you have a scoring guide for competitions?
Answer:  The EKBG recognizes that sometimes people wish to run a competition.  This tool is offered as an option for those who wish to use it.  The outcome of the competition does not effect your ranking within the guild.

Question:  So if I want to run a competition, I have to use the competition tool?
Answer: No.  You can use whatever tool you wish to use.  Competition organizers should use the tools and methods that make the most sense to them and the group for which they are organizing the competition. 

But what about the language in the handbook that mentions “sanctioned” competitions?
Answer:  As the guild develops and becomes more active, it may be that EKBG members will express the wish to have some competitions “sanctioned” by the guild.  Though this is a long term goal, it is not a priority at the moment.  Guild members can influence how and when this happens through discussion and negotiation with the guildmaster, regional wardens, and other active members of the guild.

The tool used for panels looks lofty.  How will I know I am ready to panel?
Answer:  You are welcome to panel, even if you feel that you will not get top marks.  In order to become a “Novice” you will need two scores at 50 and above.  Use the tool and the guidelines in the handbook to score yourself.  You could even have a local meeting where you have many brewers come to act as a “mock panel.”  Try it out and see how you do.  No time like the present!

  I still have more questions.  How can I get them answered?
Answer:  You are encouraged to join our Group: EKBrewers.  That is a great place to ask brewing specific questions.  You may get more information than you ever hoped to!  Also, the Guildmaster is happy to answer questions via private email at any time.  Please feel free to email with your questions.