Please take note of some things that are new for our guild:

1. We are working to standardize our procedures for paneling.  This will hopefully help our judges work to calibrate our scoring.  See the proposal here:

Standardized paneling procedures

2. We wish to have some flexibility in the make up for panels.  This is the proposal I shared at BrewU.  However, as we discussed this proposal, it became clear that it may be too restrictive.  As a result, I will rework this a bit to be more flexible for special circumstances.  See the proposal as presented here:

Alternative panel makeup

3. We are building a community of brewers.  Our brewing community needs to be involved in the advancement process and I need support from brewers to help with accountability.  I am instituting a “sponsorship program” that will serve to keep me informed of progress in the knowledge requirements that are part of our guild advancement criteria.  This is a reletively simple process.  You can see the proposal here:

Sponsor Program