Panels Results

As panels are completed, we will update this page so the community can monitor the progress of the brewers in the guild.  For now, the information will include the names of those paneled and the names of those members whose ranking changed because of the scores acheived that day.

*Please contact the Guildmistress if any inaccuracies are detected.  Thanks!


Birka 2013

Fergus Redmead: Gruit, Cider
Kythe Szubielka: Cyser
William Graham: 1503 Ale Batch 3, 1503 Ale Batch 2A, 1503 Ale Batch 1B
Max the Executioner: Barbara Pyment, Muscat Pyment, Kolsch
Sylvia du Vey: Potus ypocras, Mead Fortified with Whiskey
*No brewers were eligible to change rank after this panel, but several are close!
**A special thank you goes out the Kythe for organizing this opportunity for the guild and to Ernst, Suzanne, William, and Otto who helped judge as well as everyone who sat around the table to learn about this process.  Vivant!

Pennsic 41:

Heather Von Halstern: Novice

Magnus Hvalmagi: Novice

Working toard next rank (Also paneled):  Otto Gottlieb, Kythe Szubielka, William Graham, Fergus Redmead, Sylvia du Vey


Great Northeastern War (July 2012):

Fergus Redmead: Novice

Working toward next rank (also paneled): Aneleda Falconbridge, Otto Gottlieb, Sylvia du Vey


East Kingdom Brewer’s Collegium, or Brew U (March 2012):

Eight people were judged at the EKBG panel at the , hosted by the Shire of Endewearde, in March, AS46.  These guildmembers attained the following rankings:

Shannon: Member

Aneleda Falconbridge: Novice

Elsbeth de Endewearde: Novice

William of Wyndhaven: Novice

Moria et Grimsvale: Novice

Otto Gottlieb: Journeyman

Kythe Szubielka: Journeyman

Sylvia du Vey: Journeyman

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