Brew U in Bridge

Greetings brewers!

This past weekend, at EK Brew U hosted at the Neddingham County Fair, Mistress Sylvia tagged me in as the new Guildmaster.

I cannot thank Sylvia enough for her years of hard work and dedication to make this group what it is today. I've quite the act to follow!

After court, we all got together and talked about my vision for the Guild and the direction(s) I would like to see us go (or try going) in the next 4 years.

You can view the outline of this vision [here]. Please grab it and peruse. The whole thing is ambitious - if we can accomplish a quarter of it, that would be quite the feat indeed!

I say "we" because it will be a group effort. The outline includes several "action items," which are concrete activities and steps that we can undertake to achieve this vision.

This is your Guild, and this is your chance to really dig in and help steer it with me! Want to help? Take up an action item and let's get to work!

Over the next while and probably for my whole tenure, I will be pushing out specific requests to tackle specific projects or tasks - but you also don't have to wait for me to ask. Want to take charge? Let me know!

There are a lot of exciting possibilities on the horizon - let's go exploring.

Sincerely, lærifaðir Magnus Hvalmagi (Magnus the Stout) Guildmaster

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