BBM / Bergental Yule

Lord Fergus Redmead organized a competition for the BBM/Bergantal Yule.  He reports:

BBM/Bergental Yule was a wonderful event for the EKBG  central region. We had 6 people enter the contest/round table for our first time and came up with three winners.

  • Max The Excutioneer came out in first by .5  of a point with his Babera Pyment .
  • Baron Dorigen of BBM came in second place with  an amazing 10 year old Blackberry Melomel that was simply wonderful to taste.
  • Then Aoife Threesheets took third with a delightful Plum wine.

What was most important from this day was the company of the brewers.  We ran out of time due to wonderful and insightful conversations on techinique and style. Then we had fun discussing what people are going to start next. We had a handful of spectators who hopefully enjoyed the sampling of what was being discuss and will start brewing soon. We are looking forward to expand on this great foundation next year. A special Vivant to all that entered and took part in the day!


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