Greetings to the Brewers of the East Kingdom!

This website is intended to provide access to helpful information regarding the East Kingdom Brewers Guild.  It includes important guild documents, member information, current happenings, and archives of past letters and events.

If you are not listed on our roles as a member or if you have guild ranking and it is not correctly identified on our listing, please notify either the web minister or the Guildmaster.  It is important to us that this information be as current as possible.

If you are not currently on our Yahoo Group list, please consider joining. That is where all official guild announcements and correspondence will take place.  

I look forward to meeting all of you during my term here as your guild mistress.

Feel free to email the EKBG Guildmaster with your thoughts and suggestions about how we can make our guild a strong, vital part of our brewing community!

In Service,

Lady Sylvia du Vey, OSC, OM
East Kingdom Brewers Guildmistress

sylviaf AT midmaine DOT com